Enemies to Lovers – Shakespeare edition

1 Feb

Benedick and Beatrice

I’m over at Escape Publishing’s Escapades blog today, talking about my all-time-favourite romance story line: enemies to lovers.

For me, there’s nothing more energizing than the vocal thrust-and-parry that’s so vital a part of the great enemies-to-lovers romances. Imagine Pride and Prejudice without Elizabeth’s drawing-room sparring with Mr Darcy. Imagine Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind without Scarlett’s fiddle-de-dee contempt for Rhett.

Enemies-to-lovers stories have long been favourites of mine because enemies have to work a lot harder for their Happily Ever After endings. They have to work hard on themselves to build the trust, respect and empathy so fundamental to love.

That’s why I read them; that’s why I write them. I’d love to hear your favourite examples, here or at the Escapades!


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