Friday in Five

18 Mar

What an interesting week! Here are some of my favourite things. Hope you enjoy them – and feel free to share your own!

Flick of the week

video-the-lady-in-the-van-trailer-1-superJumboEvery single bit as good – as mad, sad, hysterical and wonderful – as it looks! Dame Maggie Smith is The Lady in the Van, and she is superb. Long, long, long may she live and continue to bring us these rich, real, exquisitely crafted characters.


Vivid festival

Pic of the week

I’m very excited because for the first time, I’ll be in Sydney this year when the amazing Vivid Festival lights up the Sydney Opera House. There are already some brilliant images predicted – but of course, the fun is all in the surprise on the night! It’s one of the world’s great arts festivals, and well worth scheduling a trip to Sydney for!


rose petal martiniSip of the week

I confess it was rather more than a sip. I had the great good fortune to spend part of this week in spectacular Noosa, where the lavishness of the shopping is only outdone by the decadence of the cocktails. As I don’t “shop”, the cocktails had no competition for my attention. I was momentarily disappointed that my Rose Petal Martini wasn’t actually accompanied by rose petals – until the waiter arranged the beautiful Turkish glass filled with Persian fairy floss (cotton candy, for our American friends) alongside. It was a terrifically pink and romantic drink, and I didn’t stop at one!


Quote of the week



jon english - early years 3_t639

Song of the week

This won’t mean much for friends outside the Wonderful Land of Oz, but Jon English died last week. This has been one of my all-time favourite songs for forty years – which ONLY shows just how incredibly young I was when I first heard it! It came shortly after I saw him in my first-ever musical theatre production. He was Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar, and he has never been bettered. This song hasn’t been off my mind or my iPod since I read the news. Oh, boy.


What have you loved this week? Drop me a line and let me know!

Happy weekend,

Gracie x

2 Responses to “Friday in Five”

  1. Servetus March 19, 2016 at 1:03 AM #

    That sure is a pretty drink!


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