MA Grant’s at the bar!

MA Grant, welcome to the Calypso Bar! Tell us a little about yourself…
MA GrantI’m fortunate to live in the rugged beauty of Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. I’ve believed in happy endings and true love since I was very young, when my parents would read me Mercer Meyer’s books Beauty and the Beast and East of the Sun, West of the Moon. At the time, I could only look at the pictures and pretend to understand the words. Later in life, the realization that I had stories of my own to tell led me to graduate college with majors in Creative Writing and English.

Thanks to my husband’s unending support, I now get to work as a scribe to the intelligent women and wounded heroes who need their stories told.

And you’ve just released your new book, Red Moon. Congratulations! Let’s have a look at the blurb:

Red MoonFlynn Sinclair understands pack loyalty — for years as his Alpha father’s enforcer, he has done things in the name of duty that he can’t ever forget. But the vast expanse of Alaska offers him a peace he’s never known. Alone, removed from pack life, he can focus on his research and try to forget his life before.

But duty has a way of inviting itself in, and Flynn finds himself doing two reckless things in one week: leaving the safety of Alaska to save his brother Connor’s life, and unwittingly falling in love with Evie Thompson, a woman who doesn’t deserve to be drawn into his terrifying world.

Connor carries news of their father’s descent into madness, and it looks like neither geography nor Flynn’s attempts at disengagement will put off a confrontation. Flynn had finally begun to believe that he might deserve something good in his life — something like Evie — but to move forward in the light, he must first reconcile with the dark.

Alaska sounds like a fabulous setting for a dark, brooding novel! It’s also a long way from the Calypso Bar, in climate as well as distance, but even Alaska has a summer (and it’s beautiful!). Let’s chill a little with a delish cranberry mocktail, The Flamingo, while we chat about some other desert island essentials. Want to join us? Here’s the recipe:

Flamingo Flamingo

100ml cranberry juice
50ml pineapple juice
15ml lemon juice
50ml soda water
Pour the juices into a cocktail shaker and shake with ice. Strain into a high ball glass and top with soda water. Garnish with a lime wedge.

MA, who’s your essential desert island company?

My first pick would be my husband – he’s my best friend, and we joke about the nerdiest things in the world. I wouldn’t want to be stranded without him. I’d also want to have Jamie Oliver there (he could teach us how to prepare island cuisine, and I love to cook!) and Captain Jack Sparrow (the man’s a storyteller, and every single plan he comes up with seems to work – definitely useful on a desert island).

And your essential desert island book?

It just seems cruel to only have one book…still, I’d have to say either Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë, or Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning.

I’m always accused of cruelty for limiting guests to one book! At least I didn’t limit you to just one man on the island! Anyway, with your hubby, Captain Jack and Jamie O, who needs more books? Ok, what will you have on your desert island iPod?

The Script , Thomas Newman, James Newton Howard, and Hilary Hahn. Plenty of instrumental music to keep my muse going!

MA, where can we find you and your books when you’re not hanging out in the Calypso Bar?

For more info on me you can check out my website and my blog. I’m also on Facebook and have just joined Twitter, so I’m learning my away around there as well. My Twitter handle is @AuthorMAGrant.

MA, thanks for joining us in the Calypso Bar! We’ll have another romance guest with their own desert essentials here next week!

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