Our first booking of the season!

Our first booking of the season, and it’s a biggie!

An Italian family is celebrating their youngest son’s coming-of-age and they’ve asked for Island Queen for a tour of Dwejra Point and the Azure Window then down to Comino and across to Malta. I’m stocking lots of Prosecco, lots of water and a few boxes of aspirin (they’ll bring their own picnic baskets). If it goes well (and why wouldn’t it?!), we might start promoting more celebration tours. Cate’s Calypso Cruises could become Cate’s Calypso Celebrations, perhaps?  Jenna would love it, it would give her a chance to use those awesome event planning skills of hers, in between answering phones and updating the website and chasing me for paperwork (must get better at that, it was SUPPOSED to be a new year’s resolution, remember?) and all the other things she does. Perhaps it’s time to look at hiring somebody else? Mika’s been making noises about looking for some part-time work when she’s not working in her dad’s restaurant. Note to self: ask Jenna if she could work with Mika. Not sure I could, but Jenna’s the one who would have to supervise her.

Can’t wait to get this summer underway. I’ve been feeling really restless, can’t sleep, can’t concentrate on anything much. Been painting like a demon, of course – at least that muse hasn’t left me!

The days are warming up at last. I actually broke a proper sweat this morning when I was out running. And it was the most spectacular dawn – wispy trails of cirrus on a peachy pink sky, the sun just creeping over the horizon and the sea below it like a mirror. Gorgeous! Sea was like a mirrorCaught this snap on the mobile. Must try capturing this on canvas one day, the camera never does it justice (and I know, a fool of an artist always blames her tools!).

Anyway, back to it: this blasted tax return isn’t going to file itself!


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