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And the winners are…

22 Jul

PackshotA huge drumroll, please, for the winners of the “Eye in the Sky” DVD competition!

Congratulations to:

Judith Maunders
Mardi Chapman
Stella McLeod

Congratulations! You should already have an email from me with details of how to collect your prize.

To those who didn’t win, my commiserations – and also my encouragement! This is such a great movie, well worth the investment, and available now on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital. Don’t miss the chance to see it!

Thanks for reading, following and entering, and have a glorious weekend. I’ll be back next week with more Friday in Five!

Gracie x

A Parisienne Pastiche!

28 Sep


Ah, Paris… City of Light, City of Love, my favourite city in the world. And my home for the next three weeks!

I plan on plenty of exploring, musing and observing, and hopefully plenty of writing!

Paris is a wonderland for the senses, and I’ll be posting some highlights here each day. If you have favourite Parisian places and memories, please share – I’d love to hear them.

Hope you find my favourite city as inspiring, exhilarating and just plain romantic as I do!

Fancy a romantic coastal escape?

14 Oct

Is there anything more magical, more intriguing, more romantic and filled with possibility, than escaping to the coast?

The sea has been a constant in my life for long as I can remember. It frightens me, it sickens me, it awes me, it draws me, it inspires and renews and recreates me.

My astrological element is fire, if you believe in such things. But my soul craves the sea.

So many of my stories start and end near the coast. In Hearts on Hold, reclusive artist Cate Boyd flees Sydney’s Bondi Beach for the rocky, remote island cliffs of Mediterranean Gozo, after losing her husband to the treacherous depths of the Great Barrier Reef. My current works in progress, too, are driven by the moods and muses of the sea.

So when the chance came to leave my hometown for a little house on the beach a couple of hours north of the city, I grabbed it with grateful hands and a hopeful, yearning heart.

In just over a month I’ll be here:

Peregian secret

…and more than likely humming this.

I’m creating my own romantic coastal escape. I hope you won’t mind if I share this new adventure with you! I’d love to hear your favourite coast locations and experiences, so please drop me a line…

MA Grant’s in the Calypso Bar!

9 Aug

Pull up a stool and join us as we chat about Alaskan summers, flamingos and a bright new Red Moon. You’ll find us here.

Why the Calypso Bar? Hearts on Hold is set on Gozo, said to be the true location of the mythical island of Ogygia where, in Homer’s Odyssey, Odysseus washed up on the shores and was saved by the goddess Calypso.

Our Hearts on Hold heroine, Cate Boyd, is struck by the tragedy of Calypso’s fate, doomed to give up the man she loves to the perils of the sea. If you want to find out why Calypso’s story means so much to Cate, you can find an excerpt here.

In honour of Hearts on Hold‘s stunning island setting, we’ve named our guest bar after Calypso, whose grotto home was renowned for its wonderful banquets and exotic elixirs!

So chill your cocktail shaker, pull up a stool and join me here in the Calypso Bar each week as I talk to some fascinating guests about writing, love, and their desert-island essentials (books, music, cocktails… and their favourite people, of course!).

What happens when…

29 Jul

…you start to take a dream seriously?

Not just “put a bit of time into it and see what happens” seriously, but “give up lifelong habits, assumptions and expectations” seriously?

Not just “talk about it” seriously, but “take a real risk” seriously?

Not just “change your routine” seriously, but “change your whole image of your self and your life” seriously?

What happens when you decide you no longer care for the opinions of the people you thought important to your career – at least when it comes to their opinions of you?

What happens when you decide you no longer care for that career?

What happens when you realize the trappings of success and achievement are actually traps; that they mean less to you than the burning, yearning, driving striving that tells you, and then yells at you when you don’t listen: now. Now. Now is the dreamtime.

What happens when you take the deep breath, leap off the clifftop, trust your self and your soul to the soaring, supporting, succoring winds of universal grace?

What happens then?

I don’t know. But I’m about to find out. Wish me luck!

A fine Scot for ‘Tuitous Tuesday?

9 Jul

One of my favourite historical series, Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander, is coming to the screen, and Sam Heughan is tipped to play Jamie Fraser. I think he looks a perfect choice, but I don’t know any of his work.

What do you think? Will he bring Jamie to life?


Here’s to a wonderful Sunday.

7 Jul

Don’t miss a moment!

don't miss a moment

The magic of digital!

6 Jul

Hearts on Hold is now for sale in Norway (in English), and a bargain at only 44 Krone!

HOH in Norway

Welcome to your weekend!

6 Jul

Welcome to your weekend!
Hope you’re treating yourself…


Words are so powerful, and so beautiful.

4 Jul

Words are so powerful, and so beautiful. Today I feel compelled to use “discombobulate”.

use these words more often

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