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What happens when…

29 Jul

…you start to take a dream seriously?

Not just “put a bit of time into it and see what happens” seriously, but “give up lifelong habits, assumptions and expectations” seriously?

Not just “talk about it” seriously, but “take a real risk” seriously?

Not just “change your routine” seriously, but “change your whole image of your self and your life” seriously?

What happens when you decide you no longer care for the opinions of the people you thought important to your career – at least when it comes to their opinions of you?

What happens when you decide you no longer care for that career?

What happens when you realize the trappings of success and achievement are actually traps; that they mean less to you than the burning, yearning, driving striving that tells you, and then yells at you when you don’t listen: now. Now. Now is the dreamtime.

What happens when you take the deep breath, leap off the clifftop, trust your self and your soul to the soaring, supporting, succoring winds of universal grace?

What happens then?

I don’t know. But I’m about to find out. Wish me luck!

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